Park Ranger Jobs And Career Prospects

Job of the park ranger is to give around two or three programs on daily basis for the visitors. Such programs may include simple walking or rigorous hikes. Sometimes also the fossil programs or amphitheatre slide shows are organized for the benefit of the audience. Working hours could range from 6 to 8 hours on average and at emergencies these hours could be extended.

Job Specifications

Apart from the organization of programs for the audience there are other tasks that are carried out by the park rangers. Sometimes special projects are allotted and even the supervisors could entrust some additional tasks that the rangers have to perform. Park rangers also organize programs on their own at times giving vent to their creativity.

Advantage of the Job

One of the major advantages of opting for the park ranger jobs is that the opportunity to live in a national park that is rare chance by any standards. While other people come to such places on vacation, the ranger gets the luck to live and enjoy the natural environment unabated. Access to amazing feats of hiking, camping, as well as incredibly clean air, are some of the major advantages the job offers.

Getting Hired

Of course it does not make sense sitting idle without getting hired. In fact the basic objective of an efficient and good park ranger is to get hired by the customers. Calling around could be one of the good moves to achieve this objective. It is better than answering a host of useless and unproductive phone calls to talk to even one person who really hires the ranger.

Training Platform

Volunteering for the job will give one of the best training platforms for the job. Earning valuable experience and firsthand knowledge of the paying tactics one gets conversant with the tricks and tips of the park ranger jobs . Practice makes one perfect and will give the necessary push to the career to get hired. One of the tricks is not to underrate oneself on employment applications. Self confidence is very important for the success in the ranger’s job. While one should be polite, he or she should not be too humble to be taken for a ride.

Career advice usually extended by experts in the trade would be that if one can satisfy the customer with his or her presentation, handsome rewards would automatically follow. Hence customer satisfaction should be the motto or the ranger.

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Strong Cover Letter Separates Winners From Also-rans

If you want to stand out in the job chase you will cover your resume with a strong sales letter. No doubt about it, you’ll put yourself at the head of the pack of competition.

In most instances, your cover letter will be your first and only opportunity to make a good first impression on the potential employer.

It’s purpose is simple: gain the attention of the potential employer and encourage him to move on to study your resume which you hope will result in an interview and a job offer. It is meant to open the door so you can make the case that your training and experience qualify you as the best answer for the needs of the employer.

Career Advice: A Few Minutes Is All You Get

You only have a few minutes to grab attention and make your main point. Your letter must be well written, brief and to the point…never more than one page, no matter how fascinating feel your selling messages are.

There’s absolutely no allowance for mistakes in grammar and spelling. Your letter must be “Type written”…no hand written notes. Use top quality stationery. Make it first class all the way. A sloppy letter will stop your application dead in its track.

Career Tip: Your Letter Should Be Comprised of Three Parts.

The Opening:

Personalize your letter by addressing it to a person and a title. Double check to make sure you’ve used the correct address. Cookie-cutter letters are a waste of time.

The first paragraph serves as the headline. Its task is to compel the reader to continue reading. Hold it to no more than 40 words. Relate to the employer by demonstrating that you are interested and resourceful enough to have accumulated knowledge about the business as well as the opening for which you are applying. The selling message:

Refer to the enclosed resume; summarize the reasons that the assets you bring to the table are aligned with the needs and interests of the potential employer. Deal with overall facts; leave the details to your resume.

The Closing:

Clearly state that you are seeking an opportunity for an interview to discuss in depth how your training and experience can be put to work for the employer. Say you will follow up by telephone to set up and interview at a place and time that is convenient for the employer.

Assure Total Quality and Relevance of Your Job Application

Have a third party (hopefully someone with strong talents in composition, grammar and proof-reading) to edit your sales letter and resume. Mistakes signal a lack of attention and ignorance.

Run a quality control check on the letter and resume.

1. Is it logical and easily understood? Is the layout easy and quick to read?

2. Is it persuasive?

3. Is it free of errors?

4. Does it convey a message of quality and professionalism?

5. Is the message expressed in terms of benefits to the employer? Is it expressed in dynamic and action-oriented words and terms?

6. Does the message include a call for action?

Bottom line: Your resume will be awash in a sea of applications, all of which are clamoring for attention. A strong sales letter can make the difference between your becoming a serious candidate for a job and an applicant who never gets considered.

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Career Advice Are You Being Paid The Respect You Merit?

Most of us have career issues in life we are unable to understand. We don’t know how to deal with them or what’s the solution to overcome them. The career we chose doesn’t give us satisfaction or it didn’t turn out to be what we had expected. It may also happen that one feels a lack of interest in everything and thus, is unable to understand the career he/she should choose. A career that doesn’t feel like a burden to be carried forever. A career one would not want to run away from.

Most of the times, the reason because of which one chooses a particular career is actually wrong. Things that were on priority while deciding for a career become extremely unimportant after a point of time. We, at Career Analysts, make sure to bring to your view the things that are actually important to you and are close to your heart. Your likes, dislikes, and your decisions are clouded by emotional pressures that seem too heavy at the moment. We do not claim to know you better than you do yourself, but we promise to give you a detached advice to bring things in to perspective and to give a better sense of direction.

We believe that everyone is born with a gift and is meant to make a career in a particular field -a career that is based on the strong foundation of extreme satisfaction. One is sure to do well in the field one loves. It is no more a job then. It is a hobby that pays.

Many of our clients say that we have changed their lives. The exceptional caliber of our consultants and the depth of our psychometric assessment produce a profound catalytic effect for individuals. Clients are invariably astonished at the accuracy, insight, and detail with which our consultants assimilate the career and personal issues they face. The whole process is a real confidence booster, as you get to unearth your dormant qualities and talents. All in all, it is an extremely positive process. It is all about getting to know yourself better.

How will you benefit?

1.Career Analysts is one of the few career advice services in the UK that combines counseling by fully qualified psychologists.

2.An extensive range of cutting edge profiling and assessment techniques.

3.Essential interpretation of the assessment results by a qualified psychologist, unlike other firms that rely on restricted range of assessments without any interpretation as it is expensive.

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