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Are you lost in the fog about what to do with your life or have you gotten career advice that simply didn’t make sense? If you have been struggling trying to find a personal purpose, a career path or even just the motivation to seek out new job opportunities then you are not alone. You will find that an overwhelming majority of people out there today just do not know where to turn when it comes to their prospective careers. In fact, studies show that many people are simply in the wrong career, and even more will tell you that they do find any satisfaction from their employment.

When this happens it is not good for you or employer. Not only will you be bored but also highly unmotivated to succeed in your work as well. So if you hate what you do, or you find it not challenging enough or in tune with your personal purpose, read on to learn more about FQGLobal’s scientifically validated assessments. You will find that once you have read more your job opportunities will not seem so dire.

Understanding Your Abilities

One of the number one problems with people finding the right satisfaction and achievement in their work is the fact that they do not fully understand their own unique abilities and personal purpose and values. This may mean that you are bored with the work you are doing, and therefore not in the right career. On the other hand, you will also find that here are many people out there as well that love their job but still feel dissatisfaction. In these cases it is most often the environment you are working in and not the actual jobs that are dissatisfying.

But there is hope. With these scientific assessments you will see that there is a lot to be said for ones uniqueness. What these scientific assessments do is look at what your individual motivation is and how to use it to reach your fullest potential. This then helps you figure out what your chosen career path will be. So if you are tired of the same unhelpful advice you normally get about your future and you are ready to find a career that suites your personal purpose then you need to look into getting your very own scientific personal assessment. What’s more, these same assessments are perfect for both adults and students.

Know your Personal Purpose

Do you know your personal purpose in life? Knowing this is more than just knowing what you like out of life. Each person will be assessed to see what their values, talents, and unique qualities are. The results of this would then help with recruitment possibilities and job searches as you will then know what it is that makes you who you are and what motivates you. This career advice will help you in your employment search, help you in getting the most out of your career as an adult, and help point you in the right direction in choosing which courses to take in school.

Excellent for Students and Adults

Whether you are an adult looking for a career path change or you are a student searching for courses that will suit your needs and fit in with your personal purpose, these scientifically validated assessments will point you in the right direction for what suits you best. In the end you will know what you value in life, what types of things give you fulfilment, and much more. And you may just find that you would prefer a job over a career. What’s more, you will even be able to pinpoint what type of environment would be best for you to work in.

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Career Advice For New Graduates

Once you have graduated from college or university, the hard work begins, and for a lot of graduates, this can be a challenging time, especially with a worldwide recession, and lots of competition to contend with.

You have finally calmed down from the helter skelter of your graduation and the party afterwards. Your relatives are asking you what you are going to do now that you have graduated and you are still waiting to hear back from a couple of job interviews.

Although you are not totally sure that you have given an employer the best impression you are confident that you will have the job of your dreams. Your friends and relatives want to give you career advice but much of it seems unrealistic.

Now is not the time to worry that something is wrong or that you have done something wrong. When you begin your first career search it can be a bit daunting and a little scary but this is because you are acquiring a new skill that you didn’t know you had.

To get you started on that job search here are a few tips:

Tip 1: You don’t have to do this alone. When you are looking for your first job it is a good idea to talk to as many people as you can about the jobs they have open and how your skills meet their openings. Do some job interviews but also do information interviews where you are just looking for information. This can gain you more career advice than you ever imagined.

Tip 2: Dress like you already have the job. Students who dress for success and wear the clothes for the job they want will always come out on top. You want to dress in the way you imagine the top level job you want will require. Present yourself in the best light by dressing professionally no matter what the job you are interviewing for and someone will notice.

Tip 3: Get experience if you don’t get your job right away. If you don’t find the job the first time, look for ways to get experience. Hopefully you found a career that you liked in college and you are leaving with some experience. If this is not the truth, then now is the time to get the experience you need for the job that you want. Take a part-time job in the field or do some volunteer work.

Tip 4: Check with your recruiting office for career advice. Most colleges have recruiting offices and they help their students get jobs. Check out the job boards because these will be jobs that are friendly to new graduates. Ask your recruiting office about opportunities for paid internships because these can be a way to get started in your chosen profession quickly.

Tip 5: Be flexible – This is probably the best career advice we can give you because first jobs are usually made for those people who will step into a lesser job in order to get to the job they want. Don’t be afraid to do this and keep your eyes and ears open for more opportunity. The final career advice we have for you is to be as relaxed as possible when you go in for the interview.

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Dos And Don’ts For A Career Changer

There are as many new career options as there is new career advice, but if one follows a few basic ground rules, he or she can make that switch to a new career without too much of difficulty. To begin with, one must figure out if what one needs is a change of job or a change of career. While a job change can be accomplished without much ado, a career change creates quite an upheaval in one’s life and hence must be handled with care. A well-formulated plan is extremely important for the successful execution of a career change.


Rushing into a new career without weighing all the factors that have led you to take such a decision may prove to be a risky proposition. Take the time to examine your existing career – some of the negating factors you are considering may be transitory. So think well before you throw in the towel. Focus on the advantages and disadvantages in your current system and weigh them against the things you like and dislike in your new career. One might have to put in a great deal of time and effort while changing over to a new career. You could be assailed by feelings of insecurity during the transition as things tend to progress very slowly. Nonetheless, one has to take it in a stride as these are normal during the course of a career change.

Take Advantage Of Transferable Skills

You could leverage some of the skills and experiences from your current career to your new career. That is not to say that one must restrict oneself to similar careers when taking up a new career. Ideally, a new career which would partially employ skills from your previous career would give you an edge in tackling your new job rather than having to start on something totally alien to you.

Additional Training And Education

While skills from previous career may help, you may have to get extra training or education to give you a competitive edge in your new career. That said, avoid jumping headlong into an educational program-weigh the various options available and start slowly. If there is any possibility of gaining first-hand experience in your new field before actually starting on your new career, grab the opportunity. You could either do it as voluntary work or as part-time job. This would greatly enhance your confidence, experience and also help you establish contacts in your new career.

Other Marketing Tools To Help In Your New Career

A good resume is as important a marketing tool in your employment search as is your strong interviewing skills. Timely follow-up is also important in ensuring success in your quest for a new career. This involves calling potential employers and requesting for an interview as part of the follow-up process. Today, many employers resort to telephonic or on-line interviews. Returning telephone calls or e-mails and writing acceptance letters are also equally important in the follow-through process.

Starting Your Own Business

Many career change seekers dream of starting a venture, but lack the courage to make a beginning. Fear is what holds you back from chasing your dreams. But unless you overcome your fear of venturing into the unknown, you will never make that profound difference to your life. So, the first step to starting out on your own would be to make a thorough study of what you are venturing into. Attend classes, read publications and do whatever it takes to get a solid grip. This way your risks would seem less risky.

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